education, training & brand representation 🌱

Meeting irl? or knowing someone who will? I get them up to scratch ✅

Training and Education

Do you sell your products IRL, as well? Then an education consultant is an absolute must. Iain has extensive experience in beauty retail (5 years @ Mecca under my belt 😎) but they also have extensive experience in training the people who sell beauty.

If you want your brand to stand out of the crowd, let’s make some magic to ensure that your retailer, their staff and your product create magic in person.

Iain can handle it all. From designing, distributing and delivering training education in person, via the internet or using electronic training platforms. Iain’s training ensures that the staff who sell your product know the ways in which to approach it, describe it and find its perfect partner in their customer base.

Brands I’ve Trained For and With

Brand Representation

Looking for some help with representing your brand at events, functions, store openings and sales nights? Let Iain take care of them!

Whether you need them for an evening, a week or more, Iain can help your brands come alive at the times when you need them to shine the most. With their extensive retail experience, Iain knows how to make products feel ultra special when you’ve made that memorable moment with a customer.

As Iain’s most bespoke service, these are in high demand and short supply. Get in Contact with your Number and Iain will arrange a one-on-one consultation with you.